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LFA holds 20th Ordinary Congress Saturday in Monrovia

Michael Weah/Benjamin S. Taingay
President of LFA, Musa Bulity
President of LFA, Musa Bulity

( 2, 2015)-The 20th Ordinary Congress of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) takes place Saturday, October 3, 2015 in Monrovia.

The one-day event will be held at a local hotel in Lakpazee, suburb of the Liberian Capital. The Acting Secretary General of the LFA told elbconline sports that Congress Members will discuss issues pertaining to the growth of football in the country.

Emmanuel Deah also said the financial statement, the Secretary General’s report, and a message from the President of the LFA will be presented to Congress Members on the meeting day. The LFA Acting Chief Scribe said documents ahead of Congress have been sent to stakeholders.

Mr Deah also told elbconline sports: “the Ordinary Congress should have taken place in 2014, but it did not take place, due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia.”
The gathering will bring together stakeholders from across the country.

During the occasion, some teams are expected to be promoted, while others will be demoted, in line with the statues of the local football house.

The FA’s statue calls for the promotion of the two top teams from the second division, while it calls for the relegation of the bottom two from the third division, respectively.

Some stakeholders who spoke to elbconline sports said the regulation is tough and they may lose top players to other teams.
They, however, called on the LFA to release the rules for the current season.

But LFA President, Musa Bility, told elbconline sports that the local football house will not back down on its rules.
Mr. Bility is urging teams that the rules will affect to cope with the situation


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