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Liberia tourism to go autonomous a midst bad road, facilities

Jos Garneo Cephas
Heartbeat Tourism, a Liberian Tour Operator organization at the celebration
Heartbeat Tourism, a Liberian Tour Operator organization at the celebration

Liberia’s rich tourism potential is great but is waiting to be tapped.

When this is done the country has plenty of natural landscapes and rainforests in West Africa to showcase to the world.

We have the Sapo National Park, which is one of 261 natural wonders of the world that serves as home to elephants, mongooses, African golden cats, leopards, African civets, zebras, grey parrots and chimpanzees. Not forgetting the beautiful islands, cape, lakes lagoons and more.

Until these wonders are made available to travelers, local and international tourists, there are more including motor provision of motor roads in the      sector.

Liberia’s Information, Cultural and Tourism Minister, Lowis Brown conceded when he told a festival of the World 36th Tourism Day Celebration in Buchanan Grand Bassa County, Liberia’s Home of hospitability. “Liberia is rich of naturism scene of tourism but we are not doing much, especially in tourism”.

He said: “Efforts have been made to make tourism go autonomous. A comprehensive document has crafted and is being revealed by the Good Governance Commission, when returned will be sent to the National Legislature to be made law”.

Representative and Deputy House Speaker, Hence Barchue, on behalf of his colleague’s lawmakers said they have seen the need to make tourism a vibrant and economic sector that will offer employment for Liberians.

He therefore, pledged the willingness of the House to prioritize the any instrument sent to them for passage into law to make tourism autonomous in Liberia.

Liberia’s leading tour operating organization, Heartbeat Tourism for Sustainable Development (HTSD) was the only national tourist’s organization available to sensitize and educate mostly young people attending the celebration in Liberia.

The National Coordinator of HTSD, Daniel G. Whoryonwon said: “we did sponsor more than 20 students’ volunteers from Monrovia and Buchanan to mark the celebration without any support, financial or whatever the first   tourism celebration outside Monrovia was unique in a special way”.

A Liberian Mask Dancer at the celebration

“Inspire of our education offered, the people of Grand Bassa for those who had no knowledge or what tourism is made the occasion successful in addition to the others”.

Mr. Whoryouwon further stressed:”The success of the day firstly was based on the Bassa people because they believed in their culture and tradition, such as the Dumbol Festival which is observed yearly, and that they also cherish the availability of tourist sites in their county”.

He said however: “There’s a need for tourism authorities to prioritize publicizing fast in advance the celebration next time  before it is celebrated  in another county to enable the people take ownership, instead of it be seen as an imported occasion from  the Capitol City, Monrovia”.

HTSD was founded January 2014, with the objectives to educate students and create Liberian tourists, operate tour and provide voluntarism for youth to explore natural discovery and the hidden wonders in Liberia.

The 36th World Tourism Day celebration which took place September 28, 2015 in Buchanan had the theme: “One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities”.

(L-R) Deputy Speaker, Hence Barchue, Snator Jonathan Karpay and Minister Lewis G. Brown

The Assistant Director of Tourism at the Bureau of Tourism, Ministry of Information Cultural and Tourism, Juanita Yiah said the Bureau has plans and strategies to domesticate tourism in Liberia.

She said there’s a new approach to make impact on the lives of local dwellers through empowerment and employment.


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