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Senates Ad-Hoc Committee established to review TRC Report

Joseph Sayon
The Capitol Vuilding
The Capitol Vuilding

( 8, 2015)-The Liberian Senate has constituted a seven-man Ad-HOC committee to carefully review the TRC report.

The Senate wants the committee review the TRC report and recommend to the plenary for the way forward.The Senate said: “The TRC report should not be done in rush, because the implementation of the document requires sober reflection.”

Our reporter quotes the Senate as saying: “There were two schools of taught among the Senators regarding debate and implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation committee report.”

Senators Alphonso Gaye, Milton Teajay and George Tengbeh   opposed to the establishment of an Ad-HOC Committee and called for urgent debate on the report.

Other Senators, including Prince Johnson, Joseph Nagbe, Daniel Naanten, and Gblehbo Brown, argued that the TRC report is bulky and requires time to review it.


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