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Somalia Drives demolition costs over US$32,000

LINA/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 12, 2015)-The Liberian Government says the total cost of the on-going Somalia Drive and Monrovia Industrial Park (MIP)’s clearing and demolition exercises is US$32, 826.75.

According to the Public Works Ministry, portion of the amount will go towards the renting of Tow Trucks, Front-End Loader,  and Dump Trucks, and the purchasing of fuel for all equipment, as well as maintaining equipment during both exercises.

The Ministry’s explanation is contained in a Draft Proposal on the Somalia Drive-MIP demolition exercise.

The Ministry identified other areas of expenditure as community awareness, publicity in the Print and Electronic Media, purchase of security flashlights and construction of security booth, among others.

According to the Somalia Drive-MIP Clearing and Demolition Exercise’s Draft Proposal, both clearing exercises will be implemented simultaneously and will last for approximately three months.

 The Liberian Government is funding the implementation of the Somalia Drive and the Monrovia Industrial Park Clearing and Demolition exercises.

The Public Works Ministry, in collaboration with the Liberia National Police (LNP), Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), and the National Investment Commission (NIC), commenced the clearing exercise on the Somalia Drive Thursday, October 10, 2015.

The exercise includes removing vehicles, scrap metals from vehicles and debris from the edge of the existing riding surface on the left side of the road beginning from the Free Port of Monrovia area.

The ministry noted that the clearing exercise was necessary, because the resumption of the road project is being faced with some challenges, including the encroachment of the right-of-away by residents and commercial users within the work zone.

The Japanese Government’s funded Somalia Drive Road project was halted in 2014 when contractors of the Dai Nippon company left Liberia for fear of the Ebola Virus outbreak in the country.

Dai Nippon is a Japanese Construction Company responsible for the implementation of the project.

Following the containment of the health problem, the contractors have, however, begun returning to the country to resume the project.


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