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Guineas opposition calls for re-run of elections

from BBC
Voters at a polling station
Voters at a polling station

Following the close of Polling in Guinea’s Presidential election Sunday, October 11, 2015,  the main opposition Union of Democratic Forces party is calling for fresh re-run of elections.

Cellou Diallo said the opposition will not accept the results, which are expected to be announced either today or tomorrow, because the voting was characterized by massive rigging in favor of incumbent leader Alpha Conde.

Another opposition leader, Sydia Toure of the Union of Republican Forces, told VOA Sunday that more than 20 percent of ballot papers and 30 percent of envelopes were not available at polling stations.

He said the military  turn up was large in their numbers  that voted for President Conde. Diallo said there should be a new election for the peace and stability of Guinea.

Asked where the money would come from to hold fresh elections, Diallo said the problem with holding credible elections in Guinea is not about money but rather the lack of good organization.


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