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Six construction firms bid to pave Gbarnga City

Benjamin S. Taingay
The City of Gbarnga , Bong County, Liberia
The City of Gbarnga , Bong County, Liberia

( 14, 2015)-Six companies have tendered bids to pave the 10.6 kilometer road in Gbarnga and environs.

Gbarnga is the provincial capital of Bong County in Liberia’s Central Region. The bidding process was held over the weekend in the Gbarnga Administrative Building.

Companies that participated in the process include MDMC, East Construction Company, Qing Jian International, and the three Chinese road construction companies operating in Liberia including China-Liberia, CICO and CHICO.

China-Liberia was neither represented at the bid’s opening ceremony, nor did they give reasons for their absence.

The bids were submitted to an independent committee for evaluation and the winner will be announced within eight days as of October 9.

The ceremony was attended by Bong County officials, including Superintendent Selena Polson Mappy, Assistant Superintendent for Development, Anthony Sheriff and the County Resident Engineer, Toliver.

Others include members of the Project Management Committee, civil society actors and officials of five of the six biding companies.


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