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Ebola persists in male survivors longer than though-Study

elbconline staff

( 16, 2015)-A study shows that Ebola persists in male Ebola survivors’ semen much longer than previously thought.

The report in the New England Journal of Medicine found 2/3 of men had Ebola in their semen up to six months after infection, and ¼ after nine.

A separate study, in the same journal, reports that Ebola can be spread through sex with a survivor six months after their symptoms had started.
The study is encouraging male ebola survivors to wear condoms before having sex.

Previous outbreaks of Ebola had shown the virus was present in semen for 82 days after the onset of symptoms.
However, with huge numbers of Ebola-survivors now in West Africa, there is concern about how long the virus persists and if that poses a threat.


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