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EU Envoy wants Liberias forest sector governance enhanced

EU) Delegation in Liberia, Tina Intelmann
EU) Delegation in Liberia, Tina Intelmann

( 17, 2015)-The Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Liberia, Tina Intelmann, says the EU will continue building the country’s forestry capacity to enhance governance in the sector.

Madam Intelmann said the EU will also help ensure that proceeds generated from logging activities in Liberia go into government’s coffer.

She assured that governance and transparency in logging activities in the country will be made possible as the nation is being guided by the Comprehensive Forestry Agreement between the Liberian Government and the EU.

The EU Envoy gave the assurance recently in a telephone conversation on the UNMIL Radio talk show, “Coffee Break,” in Monrovia.

The EU Delegation Head also said regular consultative meetings have resumed on the Comprehensive Forestry Agreement, suspended as a result of the Ebola outbreak in the country.

“The EU is interested in ensuring that logs extracted from Liberia’s forest are accounted for as a stringent forest governance structure has been put into place under the agreement,”

The move is to ensure that logs are not illegally extracted from the country’s forest.

The EU envoy noted that the agreement focuses on the institution of a comprehensive forest management and logging governance structure, and on ensuring that forest resources are used in a renewable manner.

According to Intelmann, the EU is also considering an agreement that will ensure the enhancement of the nation’s fishery sector.

She said the agreement will also protect Liberia’s fishing industry, adding: “This agreement will also ensure that no fish from Liberia will hit the EU market illegally.”

In 2011, the Liberian Government and the EU signed a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) to improve forest governance.

The VPA Agreement named tackling illegal logging, improving transparency and public participation in the sector, among others as strategies to achieve its desired goal.


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