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Former Benin President, Mathieu Kerekou is dead

from BBC
Former President, Mathieu Kerekou
Former President, Mathieu Kerekou

Benin's former President, Mathieu Kerekou, has died at the age of 82.

Mr Kerekou is credited for helping to usher in multi-party democracy in Africa.

He had two spells as President, totaling nearly 30 years, first coming to power as the head of a Marxist regime in 1972.

But the former Benin President then accepted the idea of multi-party democracy and organized elections in which he lost in 1991.
Mr Kerekou became the first West African leader to admit defeat in an election.

Current President, Thomas Boni Yayi, has described the former President as a great man and declared a week of official mourning.



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