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African Unions standby force to begin first training

from BBC
An African standby force getting ready
An African standby force getting ready

Members of the African Union’s 25,000-strong multilateral Stand-by Force are gathering to begin field training for the first time.

According to western media, the exercises in South Africa are aimed at ensuring that the force is ready by January to respond to crisis across the continent.

The force will be made up of five brigades from Africa’s economic blocs. It is being set up to avoid reliance on the outside world in peace-keeping in Africa.

The logistical base for the African Stand-by Force (ASF) will be in Duala, Cameroon, following a deal signed last week.

Officers from the military and police will Tuesday, October 20, 2015 be in the field, where the ASF will have to intervene in a fictitious country.

The operation, to continue until 5 November, is intended to help evaluate how ready the force is to respond to crisis and to monitor peace-keeping missions.   


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