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Faith Deliverance Healing Ministries mark 10th Anniversary

Jos Garneo Cephas
The Overseer and Founder, Rev. Evangelist V. Paye Bagnon Jr.
The Overseer and Founder, Rev. Evangelist V. Paye Bagnon Jr.

(, 2015)-A transformative religious conference to enhance capacity building and propels Liberian Christians from poverty to empowerment, and growth has opened in Monrovia.

The conference is being held under the theme: ‘Grace For Higher Dimensions’, is organized to mark the tenth Anniversary of the Faith Deliverance Prayer and Healing Ministries Incorporated in Paynesville City.

The Overseer and Founder of the Faith Deliverance Prayer and Healing Ministries Incorporated, Rev. Evangelist V. Paye Bagnon Jr. said “This is the time the Liberian churches pray to stabilize the peace of the nation after a long year of civil war”.

He said: “As the Christians pray I do not want the church engage in negative criticism, I want the church see politicians as our partners of peace in the nation and let Liberia prioritize the nation first then individuals’ interest second.”

Pastor Bagnon who also supports the Christianization of Liberia said as part of the church’s contribution to peace with politicians in partnership, “We conduct regular Bible teaching and prayer activities with the Representatives and Senators in the House of Legislature for the consolidation of peace”.

The ministries founded October 2, 2005, has a history of starting with five individuals with faith in Jesus Christ, and a mission of ministries, today they are seen God’s blessing their handy work as their efforts have given into souls wining with the expansion of five branches in five of Liberia’s counties and beyond Africa.

During the Anniversary-Conference under the theme: ‘Grace For Higher Dimensions’, Rev. Paye Bagnon said: “The celebration can’t is never complete if we the preachers failed to provide knowledge for successful living to empower today Christians.”

One of the participating prelates, Bishop Nathaniel Zarway will teach on Christian Entrepreneurship, while Rev. Bagnon will teach on Business and Investment.

In ten years the ministries have made other achievements and impacts such as the operation of radio ministry, outreaches in term of crusades, planting churches and community development engagements.

Section of the conference service

As part of  the upspring of growth in the ministries a 5,000 seated capacity brand new headquarters worship center is nearing completion behind the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Paynesville  City, Montserrado County.

The Chairperson of the Anniversary- Conference and Chief of Operations of the   Ministries, Rev. Mrs. Cynthia Bagnon said: “Unless Liberians were empowered to control the economy and steer our own affairs, outsiders could take over our nation”.

Mrs. Bagnon said the six days anniversary’s conference, has produced nine prelates to challenge Christian business entrepreneurs, and teach participants in various approach of life changing initiatives. 

According to her, the ministries’ achievements in ten years, is has affected women, mainly single mothers among other people.

She has however attributed the expansion and fast growth of the ministries and its membership to truthful preaching and wealth creation through the words of God.  

Beside the host Rev. Evangelist and Mother V. Paye Bagnon, other speakers include Bishop M. Wolo Belleh, Bishop Isaac Winger, Bishop John Kunkun Evangelist Christian Dagadu, Bishop J Allen Kiayee and Apostle  Samuel Carr.


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