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Lesotho: State witness killed in shooting

from BBC

A Danish man’s wife, Anna Matseliso Molise, has been shot dead in Lesotho.

The Danish man is being accused by South African Police of mutilating women and keeping their genital parts in a freezer.

Madam Molise was shot four times outside her home in Maseru recently and later died in hospital from the bullet wounds.
As a key witness, she was due to testify against her husband at his trial.

State securities in South Africa say investigations are ongoing to determine whether, or not Mrs. Molise’s killing was targeted.

The owner of two gun shops in South Africa, Peter Frederickson, is facing charges of sexual assault, intimidation, domestic violence, and contravention of the Medicines Control Act of the country.

Following a tip-off last month, police searched Mr. Frederickson’s home and found 21 packages containing parts of women’s clitorises and surgical equipment in his freezer.


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