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Education Ministry to punish Risk, if

Arthur Douglas
Education Minister, George Werner
Education Minister, George Werner

( 26, 2015)-Education Minister, George Werner, says the Ministry will institute appropriately penalize Risk Institute, if the Institute is found guilty of violating the laws.

Recently, the Administration of Risk Institute graduated some of its students, contrary to the Education Ministry’s policy sanctioning such exercise.

Minister Werner, however, said: “The issue at Risk Institute is not a major focus of the Ministry, because it is just one out of several other issues at five thousand schools across Liberia.”

The Education Minister attributed school administrations’ disobedience to some government officials and other parents’ support to such act.

“Officials and other parents, whose children are attending Risk Institute, have failed to speak against such actions often demonstrated by some school administrations, instead they support same,” he also said.

Meanwhile, the Education Minster has repeated that the mess in the education system cannot be addressed without financial support to the Ministry.

Minister Warner emphasized that the System needs financial commitment to supplement progress made in the reform process. He said: “The priorities of the Ministry have been defined towards attracting financial commitment.”

The Education Ministry Boss identified traditional practices in Liberian schools as major impediments to the learning process in the Country.

Min. Warner said the Ministry has set up a system that will involve citizens’ support to the reform process. He named teacher training as a priority area in the Ministry’s policy plan.


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