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Two Liberian Women invests in Tourism and Arts

Jos Garneo Cephas
 Artist, Sarah Gusten-Marr  and Eugenia Shaw
Artist, Sarah Gusten-Marr and Eugenia Shaw

(www.elbcradio.com/Oct.27, 2015)-A British-based Liberian International Artist, Sarah Gusten-Marr has praised Liberia as a place of rich culture and touristic heritage in West Africa.

“Because I travel worldwide, and in and out of Africa frequently you a lot of international tourists visiting any country are lured to the art and craft, so one of my initiatives is to help make the industry becomes a priority to promote the sale of Liberian arts among holiday makers to Liberia.”

Gusten-Marr, who is a Cultural Artist, said Liberia has a great art and craft artists’ society which is closely linked with tourism and called on Liberians artists to work harder to project and make the art and craft industry unique.

She operates a private Art Gallery called, gallery GM in London and is also noted for supporting charitable organizations outside Liberia. She described the country as a place of natural beauty of green vegetation, fantastic food, beaches islands, and historical scenes to travel.   

While in the country for the first time the Cultural Artist revealed the establishment of a Gallery in the country to help promote the sector in Liberia.

Gusten-Marr said: “This has been a long term plan based on which we chose to move in Liberia. The structure is up, the roof needs finishing touches, the flood should be painted and I am hoping to raise fund from oversea.”

The unnamed new Art Gallery facilitate, according to Gusten-Marr, will be strategically located near the Roberts International Air Port (RIA) en route  to  Monrovia to attract incoming travellers/tourists and enable those departing Liberia; take a piece of art with them.   

(L-R) Gallery GM founder, Artist Sarah Gusten-Marr, the Charity; HAAL HIV and AIDS Action for Liberia Founder, Eugenia Shaw and  Tourism Journalists, Jos Garneo Cephas


Artist Gusten-Marr departed her native Liberia since 1970 and has not returned to Liberia until 45 years later.

Currently Gusten-Marr has recorded a Tourism Musical Track entitled; ‘Liberia Never Forgotten’, part of the music video is expected to be recorded in Liberia between now and March 2016 when they shall return to the United Kingdom.

The return of Artist, Sarah Gusten-Marr, is closely linked with her fellow Liberian partner, Eugenia Shaw, a social worker and Founder and Chair of   the Charity; HAAL HIV and AIDS Action for Liberia in the United Kingdom.

They have a long history of fund raising together in Europe to work for a common goal in their native land, Liberia.

Madam Shaw said: “Our work has a common objective to educate and sensitize Liberian through collaborations and we expect to carry on fund raising and at the same time work with other national organizations of like minds”.

The two individuals said they have made a commitment to rise funding to support their own projects to be implementing in Liberia.
Madam Shaw said: “Since Artist Gusten-Marr, is a Patron for my charity; HAAL, show our commitment to raise fund to support the Liberia Arts Society and tourism organizations through education, show and projects”.

Besides, the Liberia Arts Society, Liberia Light Association, Liberia Orphans for Aid and Artist, Sarah Gusten-Marr and Charity Eugenia Shaw also have begun discussion centered on collaboration with an official of Liberia’s Eco-Tourism organization, Heartbeat Tourism for Sustainable Development (HTSD), Liberia. 


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