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Musa Bility submits document to FIFA

Kolubah Zayzay
LFA Boss Musa Bility
LFA Boss Musa Bility

( 28, 2015)-Liberia Football Association (LFA) President says submitting his documents to FIFA has given him a big boost to becoming the next FIFA President.

Musa Bility made the statement Monday, October 26, 2015 when he addressed reporters in Monrovia. He reiterated the need for a change in the manner in which world football is been run.

Liberia’s FA President got his nominations from four countries in East Africa plus Liberia to contest the FIFA Presidential election on deadline day.

Football Associations of several West African countries that welcomed Bility’s declaration to contest the election declined to nominate the Liberian FA Chief, apparently as a result of arm-twisting.

The LFA President said: “I am putting in place a strong international campaign team that will take charge of my campaign.”

Mr. Bility told reporters Monday that his campaign team successfully submitted his candidacy to FIFA’s Elective Committee to allow him stand in the February 2016 Presidential Elections.

His campaign manager, Edwin Snowe, met with FIFA's acting secretary general, Marcus Kattner, on Monday morning at the world governing body's headquarters in Zurich.

Bility received the backing of the five member associations necessary to stand, which have been passed on to FIFA's Electoral Committee.
"I am a very happy man," Bility told reporters in Monrovia.

South Africa's Tokyo Sexwale is the other African who submitted his candidacy to the World’s Football Governing Body on Monday after receiving the backing of the five nominations needed.

“What is left now is the integrity check on each candidate, to be done by the FIFA Ethics Committee,” Bility added.


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