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US Govt stresses pledge to power and road sectors


( 6, 2015)-The United States Government says it is committed to invest in Liberia’s power sector and Liberia’s road maintenance system.

The US Government’s commitment in the two sectors is part of the five-year compact known as the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).
The five-year compact includes infrastructure investments, policy and institutional reforms, designed to modernize the power sector and road network.

According to a dispatch from US State Department, the compact will also complement the US Government’s efforts to make Liberia recover from the Ebola pandemic.

The US$257 million Compact was signed recently between the US and Liberian Governments at a ceremony held at the US State Department.
The Liberia Compact was approved by the MCC’s Board of Directors at its quarterly meeting in September.

The MCC completed a US$15 million program with Liberia in 2012.


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