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Ambassador Malac underscores U.S support to Liberia

James Paykoo/Joseph T. Koon
United States outgoing Ambassador, Deborah Malac
United States outgoing Ambassador, Deborah Malac

                     ( Dec. 9, 2015)- United States outgoing Ambassador, Deborah Malac, has outlined major achievements accrued in Liberia-U.S relations.
Ambassador Malac said: “The U.S Government’s support in getting Ebola out of Liberia was one of the significant achievements during her tenure.”
“Americans were proud of their role in helping to rescue Liberians from the deadly disease,” she noted.
The U.S Envoy made the assertions Tuesday, December 8, 2015 in an ELBC interview with in the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.
Ambassador Malac also named the Millennium Challenge Compact, MCC, the construction and rehabilitation of roads as another important achievements accrued in Liberia-U.S relations.
“The rebuilding of the Armed Forces of Liberia with professional Liberian leadership subject to civilian control was a significant milestone in the history of the Liberian army,” she noted.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Malac has clarified that individuals wishing to travel to America must meet the US Government’s requirements to obtain visas in keeping with the Immigration and Naturalization Laws of the United States.
The U.S Envoy’s clarification followed media reports that the U.S Embassy in Monrovia had denied Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor a visa to travel to the United States.
Senator Taylor is the wife of former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, currently serving a 50-year imprisonment in London for committing crimes against humanity during the Liberian Civil War.                     



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