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Immigration to deploy Fully in June, 2016-Col. Reeves

Joseph Sayon/Joseph T. Koon

( Dec. 9, 2015)-The Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) has spoken of its preparedness to adequately man various border crossing points throughout the country by June, 2016.

Immigration Commissioner, Lemeo Reeves, said, the BIN has increased its presence at forty six border points across the Country.

Col. Reeves praised the cordial working relationship between Immigration officers in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast on one hand and Liberia on the other.

He said: “Government has begun the construction of several housing units to provide accommodation for BIN officers and to maintain them at the country’s entry points.”

“About 265 BIN officers recently graduated, as plans are under way to recruit additional 255 officers to beef up the numerical strength of the Bureau,” the BIN Boss also said.

Col. Reeves disclosed that the BIN is collaborating with various border communities to avoid illicit activities and to report the strange movements of unscrupulous individuals at all entrypoints.


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