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Prez. Sirleaf calls for international partnership support for Women

Augustine Myers/ Joseph T. Koon
President, Ellen Johnson-Sirlea addressing women empowermen in Kenya
President, Ellen Johnson-Sirlea addressing women empowermen in Kenya

( 15, 2015)-Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is calling for partnership supportfor women empowerment in the 21st Century.

President Sirleaf said despite the numerous challenges facing women, they continue to compete with their male counterparts in all spheres of life. She paid tribute to women the world over for theirenormous contributions to the business industry.

The Liberian Leader, however,acknowledged Kenya’s tremendous strides towards the empowerment of women, particularly in the areas of equal participation, visibility and access in all shades of life.

According to a dispatch from Nairobi, President Sirleaf spoke as guest of honor at the international Forum on Women Business in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Forum was organized by the International Trade Center and co-sponsored by the Kenyan Government and Kenya Association of Manufacturers.

The Liberian Leader said:” It is imperative for Liberia to learn from the Kenyan model to empower Liberian women to be on par with their colleagues in the business industry globally.”

The President said: “The Liberian Government has enacted the Small Business Act,
“Itprovides that 25 percent of public procurement be set aside for Liberian-owned businesses mainly dominated by women,” said.

“There is a need for women to have access to loans, skills transfer in managing their businesses, as technology remains critical towards the overall efforts to empower them,” she noted


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