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Lofa citizens condemn arson, call for investigation

Arthur Douglas/Joseph T. Koon

( 28, 2015). The citizens of Lofa County have condemned therecent arson attack on the Administration Building of the County.

They described the burning of the Lofa County Administration Building by unscrupulous individuals as wicked, barbaric and uncivilized.

The Lofa citizens also want an independent investigation conducted to establish the cause of the fire incident and to ensure that the perpetrators face the full weight of the law.

The Lofa County Administration Building was gutted by fire on Friday (Christmas Day), December 25, 2015 in Voinjama.

According to reports, the fire started at three in the afternoon, destroying several offices, including the County Education Officer, County Attorney, and Land Commissioner, among others.

The Lofa citizens expressed dismay and doubt over the accounts given by local authorities on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the fire incident.

According to reports, a man only identified as Fofana, the Driver of the County Agriculture Coordinator has been arrested in connection with the fire outbreak.

Lofa County Inspector, Jimel Kamara, said: “Preliminary investigation has revealed that suspect Fofana allegedly masterminded the arson attack.”

“Fofana is a prime suspect because he placed a fire between a building and the Generator Room of the Lofa CountyAdministration Building,” he said.

Mr. Kamara told that the damages incurred will not be forgotten, as half of the building has been destroyed by the fire.

According to our reporter, rescue teams from both the locals and UNMIL contingent in Lofa could not retrieve documents from any of the local offices due to the intensity of the fire.



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