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No Clampdown on Media, Cover-up, Minister Nagbe

Arthur Douglas/Joseph T. Koon
Minister of Information designate, Eugene Nagbe
Minister of Information designate, Eugene Nagbe

( 8, 2916)-Information Minister Designate, Eugene Nagbe, has vowed not to clampdown on the media or cover- up prevailing irregularities if confirmed.

Minister Nagbe disclosed plans to deconstruct the Ministry as part of his transformation agenda.

He said he will ensure that the Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Ministry is detached to focus on rebranding the country positively.

Minister Nagbe said: “I will not clamp down on the media for reporting negative stories.”

“I will not also cover up irregularities taking place in government because such situations exist in every country, including Liberia,” the Outgoing Youth and Sports Minister emphasized.

Minister Nagbe vowed to ensure vibrant relations with the media to allow government use their platform through impartial reportage about Liberia.

He made the statement on a local radio station in Monrovia Friday, two days after his appointment to the Information Ministry.

Prior to his new portfolio, Mr. Nagbe served as Minister of Transport and Youth and Sports, respectively in the Unity Party-led Government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

He also has a wealth of experience in the Journalism profession and served in several editorial positions at the state-run Liberia Broadcasting System and the Print media, respectively.


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