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Liberias CIC praises National Army

Victor Kezelee/Benjamin S. Taingay

 ( 11, 2o16)-The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Commander In-Chief has paid tribute to members of the AFL for their ultimate sacrifices to the nation and its people.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said, in despite the many challenges in building and maintaining the national army, the AFL has demonstrated a high degree of competence in executing its duties.

Speaking Thursday, February 11, 2016 at programs marking the 59th Anniversary of the AFL, Commander-In-Chief Johnson-Sirleaf said: “The National Army remains a long-lasting formidable force in securing Liberia and maintaining a peaceful nation.”

She recounted Liberia’s contribution of troops to the peace-keeping mission in Mali as evidence of the army’s professional expertise.

The Liberian Leader also paid homage to partners, including Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Zhang Yue, for ensuring China’s military support to Liberia.

The President noted: “China’s support will go a long way in enhancing the Armed Forces of Liberia’s operations.”

“Liberians must take courage, especially members of the AFL not to waver in protecting the nation against extremism, the consequence of terrorism and any other action that threatens the peace and stability of the state,” the AFL Commander-In- Chief emphasized.


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