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Museveni seeks fifth term, as Ugandans vote

People began casting their ballots late as polls delay to open in some areas
People began casting their ballots late as polls delay to open in some areas

( 18, 2016)- Report from Uganda says Presidential and Parliamentary Elections are taking place, with incumbent, Yoweri Museveni, widely expected to win again.

According to the report, a victory for President Museveni will afford him the opportunity to extend his tenure to a fourth decade following a previous 30 year rule.

Polls opened this morning, and there are indications that President Ywere will win the fifty percent of the votes needed to avoid a runoff.

The BBC says the main opposition candidate, Kizza Besigye, has said he foresees the elections to be marred by fraud and intimidation.

The report is also quoted as saying polling stations were expected to open by 14 hundred GMT but was a bit delayed.

Voters turn up  is also said to be low due to the perception that the elections wouldn’t be free and fair.

Over 15 million registered voters are expected to participate in today’s elections in Uganda, with Parliamentary results expected to be released in the next two days.
Uganda's electoral commission has meanwhile apologized over delays in opening polling stations as people queue to vote in crucial the presidential elections.

Difficulties in transporting electoral materials caused the delays, it said.

Almost five hours after the vote was meant to begin, the electoral commission issued a statement acknowledging that some polling stations had not yet opened.
It added that despite the delays, voting will not be extended.

According to the BBC, vote tallying begins today immediately after polling closes.



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