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Ugandas challenger Besigye rejects Election Result

   Uganda's Main Opposition Leader, Kizza Besigye
Uganda's Main Opposition Leader, Kizza Besigye

( 21, 2016) - Reports say the main opposition leader in Uganda, Kizza Besigye, has rejected the results of Tuesday’s election in that country.

This followed the pronouncement by the Electoral Commission of Uganda, declaring incumbent, Yoweri Museveni, winner of the election.

Mr. Besigye described the election as a sham and a creeping military coup.

He said:  “Ugandans had seen a most fraudulent electoral process.”

According to the BBC, Mr. Besigye is currently under house arrest since Friday.

The BBC is quoted as saying President Museveni received nearly 61 percent of the votes, with Mr. Besigye 36 percent.

Foreign observers say the poll was conducted in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.
According to the reports, the election was marred by sporadic violence and opposition allegations of electoral fraud, social media and messaging apps blocked.


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