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Speaker Tyler outlines Liberias challenges to Prosperity

Fabine Kwiah/Joseph T. Koon

( 27, 2016)- The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alex Tyler, says the development of Liberia is the collective responsibility of the Liberian people.

Speaker Tyler challenged Liberians to contribute to national development agenda and change their attitudes toward each other if they must peacefully co-exist.

Speaker Tyler made the statement Friday, February 26, 2016 when he served as Keynote Speaker at the last cycle graduation of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration in Monrovia.

He said: “To build the empires of the future, one must first visualize the future, know what they want and importantly have a dream.”
“Liberians have lived in poverty for too long and experienced underdevelopment which must addressed for the prosperity of the nation,” Speaker Tyler noted.

He challenged the graduates to have a dream and pursue it with a tenacity of purpose, and unity to achieve the quality of life and development they yearn for.

Speaker Tyler emphasized: “Liberia is historically a great nation, but needs to go beyond this greatness to make it economically great, socially inspiring and politically mature.”

In remarks, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Liberia Institute of Public Administration, Dr. Michael Slewion, cautioned the graduates to advocate for a system that will change behavior in society.

Over four hundred students received certificates in various disciplines


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