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Immorality Undermines the Prosperity of Society

LBS Director of Public Affairs, James Nagbe
The Author, James Nagbe
The Author, James Nagbe

It is often said there is no easy way to prosperity in any human endeavor, and its achievement must be characterized by perseverance or self-determination, despite huge challenges confronting mankind. 

In the same vein, there is also an old adage that says…one who plans with God is bound to prosper.

In fact, let it be known that in the Biblical setting, God favors positive actions and proposals that tend to glorify His name as opposed to plans that are possible devilish instruments against national growth and development.

Certainly, we need to understand that for one to prosper, he or she must strive to fight poverty, ignorance and other societal evils, if sanity, true brotherliness and justice for all must be the hallmark of the day.

Prosperity, within the context of human endeavor, is not an event, rather a process characterized by hard work, determination and commitment; a vision for nation building, self-confidence, integrity and value system.

If we as a nation-state must achieve prosperity, we need to renew our individual minds with the spirit of nationalism and patriotism to improve the socio-economic and political wellbeing of the nation and its people, irrespective of status, tribe, religion or political affiliation.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon all of us, most especially our political leaders, to be visionaries, if they must lead the nation to noblest height.

For instance, visionary leaders are innovative individuals who possess the attributes of good planners and implementers, committed to creating job opportunities, reducing poverty and enhancing national unity.

Indeed, we believe that God blesses people who obey, believe in their own ingenuities and blueprints for growth and development.

We also believe that God blesses people who place themselves in a position to change for the better, as opposed to those who sit supinely, due to lack of vision.

In the wake of widespread immoralities being committed across the country, it is about time that Liberians abandon such practices and utilize the abundant natural resources to strive for national prosperity.

Indeed, immorality undermines prosperity and destroys a nation’s relationship with God.

Finally, as we endeavor to pursue the path of nation-building,it is my passionate plea to all Liberians to condemn immorality, if we as a nation and people must prosper.

Let’s continue being a God-fearing people and commit ourselves to virtues worthy in the sight of the Almighty “forward-ever backward-never” to reclaim the dignity of our existence.


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