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Government declares Wednesday Decoration Day

Patrick Flomo/Joseph T. Koon
Some family paying homage to the dead relatives
Some family paying homage to the dead relatives

 ( 8, 2016)-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has declared Wednesday, March 9, as “Decoration Day.

According to a Presidential Proclamation, the Day is in consonance with the 1916 Act of the National Legislature, declaring the Second Wednesday of March every year as “Decoration Day” and to be observed as a National Holiday.

The Proclamation is quoted as saying the Day is being set aside to celebrate the memory of those who lived and died in the interest of Liberia, thereby keeping alive their contributions to society and the State for progress.

The Proclamation also quotes President Sirleaf as calling on citizens and foreign residents to remember and cherish the love and affection, the joy and constant caring that existed between family members and friends who lived with them before their death.

In Liberia, the observance of the Day is usually characterized by the cleaning and beautification of graves for loved ones and family members to memorialize the dead.

By tradition, the Day is also characterized by jubilant performances and sorrow, while others consider such occasion as a day of sober reflection.


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