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Minister Nagbe discloses dev. package

Patrick Flomo/Joseph T. Koon
Information Minister, Eugene Nagbe
Information Minister, Eugene Nagbe

(elbcradio,com/Mar. 8, 2016) -The Liberian Government says it has secured money from the European Union to pave the road from Sanniquellie to the Ivorian border.

Information Minister, Eugene Nagbe, said upon the completion of the road,  it would be easier to drive as far as the Ivorian border. Minister Nagbe said: “Works are on-going to connect Ganta to Yekepa by paved road. “

“Government was mobilizing funding for the pavement of roads across the country,” he emphasized.

The Information Minister disclosed that government`s fund mobilization initiative is on course and that it is committed to its development drive.

At the same time, Minister Nagbe also disclosed that work is also on-going to connect counties in the Southeast with paved roads following the provision of funding by the African Development Bank. 


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