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Liberia capable of conducting clinical study-Dr. Kennedy

Victor Kezelee/Benjamin S. Taingay
 The team of researchers at work.
The team of researchers at work.

( 10, 2016)-One of the leading investigators of the Partnership for Research on Ebola virus in Liberia (PREVAIL) says the country is capable of conducting vigorous clinical research.

Dr. Stephen Kennedy described as successful, the on-going clinical research under the auspices of PREVAIL.

Speaking Thursday at a news conference in Monrovia, Dr. Kennedy hailed the collaborative efforts by Liberians and partners for the success of the research.

Giving an over view of the natural history on Ebola, Dr. Levy Hagge said the study, opened in March 2015, was designed to enroll two hundred patients, but out of the targeted number, only 72 enrolled and 71 evaluated.

Dr. Hagge wants Liberians to be extraordinarily proud of the achievement and further commended volunteers for their enrollment in the study.

According to Dr. Hagge, a total of twenty one individuals died in the research.

He said this shows that West Africa is capable of working collaboratively in conducting vigorous clinical research on diseases.


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