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Liberia graduates 35 seafarers, amid multiple challenges

Baysah Kollie/Benjamin S. Taingay
Maritime Commissioner, Beyan Kesselly
Maritime Commissioner, Beyan Kesselly

( 14, 2016)-The Liberia International Maritime Union (LIMU) has graduated 35 Seafarers after two weeks of intensive training.
The graduation is the first of its kind for Liberian Seafarers since the end of the country’s civil crisis.

LIMU’s President, James Dolo, said the initiative was aimed at preparing the graduates for the pending International Seafarer Training that would qualify them for assignments on ships flying Liberian flag.

Mr. Dolo also said with the graduates, Liberia can now boast of a batch of candidates to be qualified as Seafarers to represent the country at every level of sea faring activities.

For his part, the Graduating Class President, John Jessen, called on the government to ensure more support to the Liberia International Maritime Union.

Mr. Jensen said Seafarers are being faced with multiple challenges that must be addressed to avoid any major set-back to the sector.


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