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House of Representatives cite Environmental Agency

Dyrus Zinnah

Monrovia-Liberia-Liberia’s Lower House has cited the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authorities to show reason why they have not published the state of the environment report for the past ten years.

The House of Representatives says: “It is incumbent on the EPA to provide public education on the status of the environment to take precautionary measures on disasters.”

The representatives recounted the wave of natural disasters in Liberia and said it was appropriate for the EPA to advise the nation on the causes.

“In keeping with its mandate, the Agency failed to brief the Lower House on the status of the country’s environment,” the proponent of the communication to the House, Bong County Representative, Edward Kaifeah, said.

Other members of the House outlined air pollution, hazardous environment as some complex issues the EPA needs to advise the Government on.

Following discussion on the matter recently, Plenary requested its committee on Natural Disaster and Environment to look into the issue and report to Plenary within two weeks.


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