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Nimba Students Union to raise US$10m for education

Jos Garneo Cephas (
The flag of Nimba County
The flag of Nimba County

(Monrovia-Liberia)-The Union of Nimba University Students Association (UNUSA) is appealing for 10-million Liberian Dollar assistance for needy Nimba County students across Liberia.

The money, if it is made available to UNUSA, will be used to cover its scholarship scheme for students at various local universities.

UNUSA President, Prince Gbieu, said: “The growing financial need of students from Nimba County is causing a high demand on the Union and the county’s stakeholders must now begin addressing such financial necessity.”

“Base on the situation, the Association set the month of May as the period of revitalization and fundraising program,” Mr. Gbieu said.

“During the fund raising program UNUSA’s scholarship scheme would be launched in Monrovia and Nimba County, respectively.”

UNUSA’s Secretary In-Charge of the Scholarship Committee, Lee Wongbaye, said: “The scheme would cover 26 universities and 8,000 students across the Liberia.

Mr. Wongbaye also mentioned that the program aimed at revamping UNUSA would provide an opportunity to meet the bench-mark to include Nimba   students into the education net.


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