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Technical pact for teamwork towards 2017 polls

Arthur Douglas (
An election promotion by UNMIL
An election promotion by UNMIL

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - A technical agreement emanating from a two-day security coordination workshop is calling for collaboration among key actors to ensure a successful 2017-election.

The agreement calls for the National Elections Commission (NEC), the security sector and other organizations to work together for a free, fair and transparent process.

NEC’s Security Coordination Head, Montgomery Saah, said: “The agreement also encourages the Finance and Development Planning Ministry to disburse security coordination funds timely.

The two-day workshop which ended at the weekend, April 16, 2016 was aimed at strengthening inter-security coordination to effectively provide security during the elections.

Mr. Saah, however, said the agreement awaits a resolution by NEC and counterparts before approval.


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