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President Sirleafs Assurance to West Points Erosion Victims

The Department of Public Affairs/Ministry of State
West Point Township in Monrovia (not West Point in the U.S.)
West Point Township in Monrovia (not West Point in the U.S.)

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 assured the good people of West Point, especially recent victims of the erosion that affected the Seaside Township of her administration’s commitment to identify with them in the moment of need.

The message out there clearly indicates that we have a President who cares, irrespective of which segment of this country we come from.

While nobody has control over natural disasters that occur the world over, it is high time we commence taking some environmental-friendly pills and assertive measures to reverse whatever ugly trend.

The object of such pills would save more lives and prevent further catastrophes.

We obviously live in an era where global warming has become the order of the day, amid the attendant consequences of climate change here and there.

In the early days of the fast approaching rainy season, we, as a people and nation, must begin putting into place safeguards that will scale down potential death-traps that could bring about hues and cries across our country.

As the latest development from West Point appears to be an early warning for robust action to avert any unfortunate disaster – let us call a spade a spade.

By calling a spade a spade – we must resolve that the relocation of thousands from the Township in their own interest must be fast-tracked to reduce miserable consequences.

We cannot wait for the damage to correct any irregularities – particularly if we believe in the old adage that says: “Prevention is better than cure”.

Though, we agree, there are challenges – as common place in any humanity – by doing the right thing now will position us to preserve precious lives that we could lose, due to any act of sympathy or the ‘human face’ approach.

Indeed….Let us not allow such ‘human face’ supersede the national interest.

The kind of erosion as the recent one has successively occasioned West Point, let alone the aftermath thereof.

But, if we have to choose between the lingering cum potentially explosive plight of West Pointers versus tough actions to save the lives of our compatriots – we believe, the imperative is to put Liberia First.

When we put Liberia First, we give hope to the people, we provide them the opportunity to see another day, we assure them of a better future, and we end the nightmare that could continue plaguing, or hunting them.

Yes, indeed…this is our challenge and we must face it with valor unpretending.

This has been a guest commentary titled…”President Sirleaf’s Assurance to West Point’s Erosion Victims.”


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