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Pres. Sirleaf leads cheerful-giving at UL Alumni Fund Drive

The Department of Public Affairs, Ministry of Stat
Minister of State, Edward McClain, Jr.
Minister of State, Edward McClain, Jr.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Our inclined morality vis-a-viz inherent sense of humanity no doubt compels us to learn to be a cheerful giver – at least if our Sunday School Lessons must gleefully remind us.

That was the spirit that gravitated and inspired the visitor to the University of Liberia, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s keen interest and participation in the planned Fundraiser under the auspices of the Alumni Association of the nation’s Flagship University.

It was absolutely a step in the right direction that other than the Liberian Government’s consistent, let alone huge commitment to the University of Liberia, amid challenges beyond its control.

The University’s Alumni Association sought to rise to the occasion by partnering with the University to address critical and imperative challenges the University is being faced with in pursuit of its strategic development goals - The option of a fundraiser became a favorable determination.

Professor Weade Kobbah Wureh put it aptly – that in the coming weeks and months - vivid manifestations would begin to unearth new realities in terms of the university’s expansion and development priorities.

Surely, this is more relevant a time for positive and constructive thinking that will take our premier university to another level.

Leading scores of government officials, who, Her Excellency had mandated to grace the fundraiser, she set the pace with a magnanimous contribution of Five Thousand United States Dollars (US$5,000.00) to the fund drive – reminding the audience that the Fund drive symbolizes an ongoing process that must be sustained while insisting on accountability.

While the Alumni Association’s approximate membership is put at 15,000 – mathematically, raising the target Two-Million United States Dollars (US$2,000,000.00) would mean, each member, dedicated to the purpose of giving back to the University, should contribute One Hundred Thirty Three (US$133.00).

Indeed… it is important for all Liberians to look beyond themselves and capture the bigger picture.

We cannot afford to allow ignorance to thrive when there are thousands of our compatriots who crave for better life through professional development.

The University’s motto: “Light in Darkness”, ironically cannot be made manifest by continued agitations, protests or demonstrations that lack substantive rationalization of prevailing development. - Yes, we can disagree, but civility must be the path.

Though the President weighed in bringing along her Cabinet and officials of government to participate in the fundraising – it is untenable that those for whom the event was intended seemed rather not forthcoming.

If our leaders will lead by example – those who yearn to succeed them have a duty to support the solidarity befitting a cause that would, on the whole, improve their situation.

Importantly, the Alumni Association received a voluntary offer from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Transportation – Axel Addy, who has volunteered to assist in a think-tanking effort that will cushion the sustainability of the fund drive.

We call on the Alumni Association to tap into the wisdom and experience of this youthful Minister for the good of the University.

We must graciously thank all members of the Executive, heads of autonomous agencies, political leaders, civil society organizations and members of other branches of government for their humbled attendance. 

Finally, as an ongoing process, we challenge the Alumni Association to expand its network in view of several notable absentees, including the many firebrand student leaders and activists who walked thru the solid walls of the University of Liberia.

Cheerful giving cannot be only from our leaders, but the ordinary people also have a little contribution to make.


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