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House endorses Pres. Sirleafs request to print more money

Dyrus Zinnah/Benjamin S. Taingay
House Speaker, Alex Tyler
House Speaker, Alex Tyler

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Plenary of the House of Representatives (Lower House) has unanimously endorsed the printing of additional Banknotes by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).

It followed a heated debate with mix-reactions as some lawmakers termed the printing of additional Banknotes as political, while others say it will avoid a stagnated economy.

Our Legislative reporter says Representative Edward Ford was even thrown out of session for disturbing during the debate.

Representative Ford had accused speaker House Speaker, Alex Tyler, and Representative Moses Kollie of influencing the printing of the money to fund their political Party.

The two accused lawmakers rubbished the allegation and said: “Representative Ford is speaking out of frustration.” 

During the debate, Representatives Ford, Samuel Kogar, Edwin Snwoe, Bill Tuaway, among others, argued that the CBL should be audited before the printing of the Money.

Plenary, however, endorsed that a compressive audit of the CBL and the printing of the Bank Notes be concomitantly done.
The House of Representatives’ decision will have to be endorsed by the Senate before it takes effect.

The Liberian Leader, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, recently requested the Legislature to authorize the printing of additional Bank Notes.

The President’s request was on grounds that there was shortage of the local currency in the country, due to the mutilation of the currency on the local market.


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