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President, party leaders meet over Vision-2030

By Ferricks Dainsee
President Elen John-Sirleaf with cross section of political leaders
President Elen John-Sirleaf with cross section of political leaders

(lbsonline/Liberia)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has been meeting with leaders of political parties for their support to discuss Vision 2030.

The Meeting with the political parties leaders by the Liberian Leader is meant to include them in the decision making process of the country especially with regard to Vision-2030.

President Sirleaf told opposition leaders: “vision 2030 is a frame work to examine the past, present, and future development agenda of Liberia”.

The Liberian Leader said: “we tried to put together our country today, to where we want it to be tomorrow”.

About 500-delegates made of 60 youth are expected to gather in Gbanga, Bong County for a conference beginning Wednesday 5th December 2012.

According to Madam Sirleaf, “Vision-2030 comes out of a consultation and the process will be explained to participants at the Gbanga’s conference”.

The Vision-2030 is an idea to bring about an effective local governance system which will bring about broad based developments in the 15-sub political division of the country.

The entire process which started two years ago, has a team of steering committee with representations throughout the 156-administrative districts of Liberia and in the Diaspora.

The Chairman of Governance Commission, Dr. Amos Sawyer said: “initial discussion on Vision-2030 took place around Liberia involving youth, women, chiefs and county authorities”.

He said: “the involvement of all Liberians including political party standard bearers and youth is to ensure that all Liberians take credit for Vision-2030".

Dr. Marcus Dahn of the Alliance of Political Party (APP) was among those in attendance of the meeting. He expressed his party’s support for Vision-2030 and said: “it is time that Liberians work together to develop the nation”.

Other opposition politicians who attended the meeting included Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)’s George Solo, Cllr. Varney Sherman of the Unity Party (UP), Cllr.Theophilus Gould of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), and the Liberty Party (LP) among others.President, party leaders meet over Vision-2030.   


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