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Dont undermine yourselvesVP Boakai urges local leaders

James Akoi/Benjamin S. Taingay
VP Joseph Boakai
VP Joseph Boakai

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Vice President, Joseph Boakai, is urging local leaders, women, and the youth, especially Pen-Pen Operators, not to underestimate their role in Liberia’s development.

VP Boakai reminded them of their respective responsibilities to fast-track Liberia’s development and to make the country stable.

He praised the chiefs and youth for upholding the rule of law and lauded the marketers for their efforts in boosting the national economy by making sure basic goods are available on the local market at all times.

Vice President Boakai spoke in Harper City, Maryland County, where he was welcomed by thousands of residents of the county.

He told reporters that the essence of his tour is to access development project sites and to encourage peace and unity among Liberians residing in the Southeast.

Meanwhile, Maryland County Senator, Gblehbo Brown, says the people of the county will not entrust the national leadership to people whom he described as strangers.

Senator Brown then called on government to sign concession agreements that will benefit the Liberian people, stressing that some concession agreements, signed few years ago, are not benefiting the citizens.



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