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No shortage of gasoline, says LPRC

By Nathan Charles

(lbsonline/Liberia)-The management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) has clarified that there is no shortage of petroleum products on the Liberian market it is being speculated.

The LPRC Management has only attributed the speculations and hiking of gasoline price to a technical fault on one of its meters which delayed the daily supply of 120,000 gallons on the market.

In a release issued Monday 3rd December 2012 by the LPRC Management, the management said: “already 1.7million gallons of gasoline have arrived in the country”.

The LPRC and the Ministry of Commerce have announced a reduction of 20 cent in the price of gasoline and 10cent in the price of fuel oil.   

According to the release, “the meter has been repaired with a quota   of 90,000 gallons being supply to distributors”.

The release also said there is a sharp increase of 140,000 gallons allocation to make up for the short fall over the weekend.

“A vessel containing 5,000 ton of petroleum products is expected in the country shortly, with another vessel to follow subsequently between now and the 20th of December 2012”, the release also said. 


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