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National Legislature passes Firearm, Ammunition Act

Dyrus Zinnah/Joseph T. Koon
   Capitol Building, Offices of  Liberian Legislators
Capitol Building, Offices of Liberian Legislators

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- The National Legislature has finally passed the Firearm and Ammunition Control Act of 2015.

According to our Legislative reporter, the House of Representatives concord with the Senate during its session on Thursday, May 12, 2016 but with an amendment.

The amendment provides that the operations of the Small Arms Commission be decentralized to ensure that all hunters are duly registered across the country.

It also forbids the illegal possession of firearms, as doing so by anyone shall face the full weight of the law.
The Law is also intended to safeguard the proliferation of arms in the country.

According to the Act, the possession or bearing of firearms by any Liberian citizen shall be determined by the Commission of Small Arms.

Following the signing of the Act into law by the President, the possession of firearms by individuals will be regulated by the Commission on Small Arms


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