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For leakage: WAEC postpones 12th Graders exams

Musu Sirleaf/Joseph T. Koon
WAEC Head, John Y. Gayvolor, Sr.
WAEC Head, John Y. Gayvolor, Sr.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- Authorities of the Ministry of Education and the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Liberia have cancelled the 2016 Senior High School Exams.

The decision followed the reported burglary of the Kornorla Academy SDA Mission School in Upper Margibi County on Saturday, May 22, 2016 by some unknown persons. The school was selected as one of the local testing centers for WAEC in the county.

The Senior High School WAEC exams were expected to be administered beginning Monday to Friday, May 23 to 27, 2016 throughout the country.

The Head of WAEC Liberia, John Gayvolor, said: “The decision was taken over the weekend on grounds that the exams leaked at the Kornorla SDA Academy Mission School in Margibi County.”

“Authorities of the Education Ministry and WAEC have launched an investigation and that anyone found guilty will face the full weight of the law,” Mr. Gayvolor emphasized.

He said schools initially identified to be used as examination centers are advised to resume normal academic activities with immediate effect 

Mr. Gayvolor said: “The Senior High School WAEC Exams have been re-scheduled for June 27 to July 1, 2016.”

WAEC Liberia has the statutory authority to administer public exams to both 9th and 12th Graders annually to evaluate the performance of students in line with the National Curriculum and its syllabuses.

It can be recalled that in 2007, the West African Examinations Council, in collaboration with the Education Ministry, cancelled the entire results of the exams administered to 9th and 12th Graders because of exam mal-practices.

In a related development, authorities of the Education Ministry also postponed the 2015/2016 Senior High School WAEC exams as part of its education reform process

.During the period under review, there have been mixed reactions over the appalling conditions of the country’s education sector.

Some critics of have described the system as “messy”, while others have differed, citing lack of better salaries and incentives for teachers and administrators as some of the contributing factors.


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