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Dispatch/Benjamin S. Taingay
 Vice President, Joseph Boakai, at Istanbul summit
Vice President, Joseph Boakai, at Istanbul summit

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Vice President, Joseph Boakai, is calling on world leaders and their respective countries to take ownership of the drive to remove the causes for conflict around the world.

Vice President Boakai is also calling on them to keep society on an even keel of stability and fair play.

He is, at the same time, recommending poverty elimination, the provision of opportunities for the success of their citizens and creating the environment for advancement and education as the first in the series of steps of conflict prevention.

According to a dispatch, the Vice President spoke Monday, May 23, 2016 in Istanbul during a high level leaders Roundtable held under then theme, “Political Leadership to end and Prevent Conflict,” moderated by the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon.

VP Boakai said states have the responsibility of promoting the rule of law, respect for all, peaceful co-existence in diversity, among other measures to prevent conflict, adding: “Conflict situations must be diffused to avoid reaching crises proportions,” the dispatch said.

Vice President Boakai recounted Liberia’s experience with the prolonged civil war that engulfed the nation resulting from marginalization and unequitable distribution of the nation’s wealth and praised the international community for helping the country return to peace.

He recalled the United Nations Secretary General’s statement, in the course of preparing for the Humanitarian summit, stating: “The summit must be the beginning of a new era of international solidarity to halt the terrible suffering of people affected by conflicts and disasters, and who are depending on us.”

Touching on mechanisms that the Economic Community of West Africa is putting into place to detect conflict, Vice President Boakai told the delegates that the sub region is far in a sub-regional effort to establish the National Center for the Coordination of the Response Mechanism known as the “ECOWAS Early Warning Center.”

He commended the United States Government for its support to the project and called on other members of the international community to lend support to the project.

Other sessions of the Roundtable discussed the topics: “Changing People’s Lives-from Delivering Aid to Ending Need and Leaving No One Behind.” The commitment is intended to Address forced Displacement among series of side bilateral and multilateral meetings.

The dispatch named the Co-Chairs of the High level leaders’ Roundtable as the President of the Republic of Turkey, Liberia’s Vice President, Joseph Boakai, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Head of the Tunisian Government, Habib Essid.

Hundreds of journalists had travelled to Istanbul to cover the summit as television and radio vans could be seen around the Media Center, specifically set up to high light the conference, the dispatch noted.


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