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Prez. Sirleaf makes appointments in Govt

Joseph T. Koon
   President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has made new appointments in government, affecting the Ministries of Youth and Sports, Lands Mines and Energy and Internal Affairs.

Other agencies of government also affected include the Governance, Law Reform and Public Procurement and Concession Commissions., as well as the Liberia Maritime Authority.

According to an Executive Mansion release, those appointed are
Rufus Neufville, Deputy Minister for TVET -   Ministry of Youth & Sports, Jenkins Atuanya, Deputy Minister for Administration and Henry Sambola, Assistant Minister for Administration - Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy.

Others include Cllr. Felecia Coleman, Commissioner, Law Reform Commission,
Willard Russell, Member of the Board of Directors - Liberia Maritime Authority,
Wesley Johnson, Commissioner - Governance Commission, and John Ballout, Member of the Board of Directors - Public Procurement & Concession Commission.

Others appointed in Local Government positions in Grand Bassa County are Peter Naleh, District Commissioner - Gorblee, Wee Statutory District #3, James Konman, District Commissioner - Bleezee, Wee Statutory District #3, Ozinga Gborhwia, District Commissioner - Doegba Glaydor, Kpo-Gbah Statutory District #4, and Daniel Dayugar, Township Commissioner - Vambo Township, Glarkon Statutory District #2.

Others include, Edward Beyan, Township Commissioner -  Whoegbah Township, Glarkon Statutory District #2, as well as Samuel Moore, District Superintendent - Diahn-Blae, Diahn-Blae Stat. #1,
Nathaniel Wall, District Commissioner - Worr, Duahn-Blae Statutory District  #1, Austin Spiller, Mayor - Edina, Diahn-Blae Statutory District #1, Othello Russell, Township Commissioner - Lloydsville, Diahn-Blae Statutory District. #1.

The President also appointed other individuals in local government positions in Gbarpolu County.. They are Lasana Sirleaf, Mayor - Bopolu City, Elijah David, Statutory District Superintendent, Jallah Massagboi, Statutory District Superintendent - for Bokomu, Bopolu, Belle and Gou’Nwolaila Districts, Samuel Otto, Land Commissioner - Gbarpolu County, Musu Jabateh, County Inspector - Gbarpolu County.  These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate were applicable.




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