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In corruption probe: Criminal Court A rules in favor of Govt

Fabine Kwiah/Joseph T. Koon
The compound of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.
The compound of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- The Judge of Criminal Court “A” has ruled in favor of the Liberian Government in a Writ of Subpoena trial involving Senators Varney Sherman and Cletus Watorson and others in Monrovia.

In his ruling, Criminal Court “A” Judge, Boima Kontoe, said:“The Governmentof Liberia was in no error to ask the court for a Writ of Subpoena from banking institutions to produce statementson behalf of the senators.

“Section 17.2 of the Criminal Procedural Law states that the court on motion may direct books, papers, and document in a Writ of Subpoena, be produced before or during trial,” Judge Kontoe noted.

According to Judge Kontoe, Chapter 16 of the Liberian Constitution gives exception to the court to interfere with the privacy of a person, family, and home linked to a commission of a crime.

Senators Varney Sherman and Cletus Wortorson earlier filed a motion, calling on the court to squash out the Writ of Subpoena when there was no case before it.

Meanwhile, lawyers representing Cllr, Sherman and Mr. Wortorson have filed an appeal against the rulingto the Supreme Court for legal redress.

The court’s ruling followed a motion filed by State prosecutors, rejecting theseparate bonds filed by two insurance companies on behalf of Speaker Tyler and Senator Varney Sherman and others, for their release on bill over the Global Witness’ bribery allegations.

In their argument, the prosecutors said: “The purported bond filed by the Sky international Insurance Corporation, in favor of House Speaker Tyler was insufficient and invalid.”

According to court’s documents, there is no proof that the one hundred fifty thousand US Dollars set aside as surety was deposited in government or local bank’s accounts.

They noted: “The purported bond filed by the Omega Insurance Company on behalf of Senator Varney Sherman, ECB Jones, and Christopher Onanuga wasinsufficient, invalid and a product of fraud.”

The State Prosecution also requested the court to re-arrest Speaker Tyler, Senator Sherman, ECB Jones, and Christopher Onanugar, to ensure that their bonds are sufficient and valid in keeping with law.


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