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Health Minister wins Intl Health Award

Joseph T. Koon
Health Minister, Bernice Dahn
Health Minister, Bernice Dahn

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- Liberia’s Health Minister, Bernice Dahn, has won a prestigious International Health Award from the Global Health Workforce Alliance.

According to a release, the event took place at the just- ended World Health Assembly Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Global Health Workforce Alliance said its decision to confer the award on Dr. Dahn was based on her outstanding performance in Leadership, Ministerial, Emergency Responders, Community Health Care and HRH Champions.

It is an international association of health professionals, committed to protecting the rights and interests of health workers across the globe.

The group is quoted as saying, “We are delighted to announce Dr. Dahn as winner of the 3rd Edition of the 2016 International Health Workforce Awards.”

“The Liberian Health Minister demonstrated strong leadership by helping to mobilize the response to Liberia’s Ebola crisis, as well as envisioning a resilient health system to prevent future outbreaks, “the Global Health Workforce Alliance noted.

The group also praised Dr. Dahn for her commitment and dedication in the development of Liberia’s Health Sector Investment and Recovery Plan and Health Workforce Program, respectively.  Prior to her preferment as the new Health Minister, Dr. Dahn served as former Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer.


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