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Liberia FA threatens lawsuit against Lone Star Company

Michael Weah/Joseph T. Koon
LFA President, Musa Bility
LFA President, Musa Bility

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has threatened a law suit against Lone Star GSM Company.

The LFA is accusing the Lone Star GSM Company for allegedly sending text messages to its subscribers about a change in the date of the Liberia VS Togo Match.  

Addressing   a news conference  recently  in   Monrovia,  LFA  President,  Musa   Bility,   said: “ The  action  by   Lone  Star Company has  undermined  its sponsorship  deal for the  National  Team  with Cellcom.

“We will pursue legal redress because resources intended for the National Team were also diverted, as the Lone Star GSM Company charged 30 cents per message to its subscribers across the country, “Mr. Bility noted.

According to the LFA, the Lone Star GSM Company is said to have informed its costumers that the game will be played Friday, June 3, 2016 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia.

Contrary to the report, the LFA President has clarified that the game will be played Sunday, June 5, 2016 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia. It is part of the African Cup Qualifiers.  Mr. Bility is meanwhile calling on Liberians to turn out and cheer the team to victory.

When contacted, an official of Lone Star Communications Department, Zunnoh Miller, could neither confirm nor deny the report.
Mr. Miller told that the company will respond to the allegation at a later date.

It can be  recalled  that  the  LFA  and  Cellcom entered  into  a   commercial  deal  years  back,  granting the company all  rights  to   sponsor   the  National  Football  Team.

Under the Agreement, Cellcom provides   60, 000 United States Dollars as sponsorship fee per game to the LFA Leadership.
Liberia tops group  A  with  9 points  and  a  win  this  Sunday  could see  the  country  making  it  to  its  3rd  Nations  cup  final.

The country made its first appearance in 1996 in South Africa and in 2002 in Mali, respectively. The 2017 final of the African Cup Qualifiers will be played in Gabon.



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