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Contractor missing at Sime Darby Plantation

By Nathan Charles
Liberian workers on one of the new plantation
Liberian workers on one of the new plantation

(lbsonline/Liberia)-A man believe to be in his thirties has reportedly gone missing on the Sime Darby Plantation in Grand Cape mount County.

A family source James Mcgille, confirmed the disappearance of his relative Eric Dennis.

He told lbsonline his brother Eric Dennis was hired by one Thomas Boimah to work on the Sam Darby Plantation“Since 14th November 2012, the family has not seen Dennis, but we later learned that that he fell ill and reported his conduction to his boss, Mr. Boimah who hired him on behalf of the Sime Derby management”.

“The case has been reported to the Police who are investigating Mr. Boimah,” Mcgille explained.

He wants the Justice Ministry’s intervention in the matter to ensure a speedy investigation.

When contacted, Sime Darby Plantation Communication Officer Heston Jackson dismissed claims that the missing Dennis had worked on the oil palm plantation.

“The man in question never got missing on the plantation and we are even currently verifying if he was ever hired to work on the plantation”.

“My entity cannot take responsibility for the disappearance of Mr. Eric Dennis as the people who hired him are currently in Police custody”, the Sime Darby PR man retorted.


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