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Aware International School praised for quality education

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Some students of Aware School  in role play performance
Some students of Aware School in role play performance

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Deputy Commerce Industry Minister, Ellen Olounfe Pratt, has lauded Aware International School for providing quality education to Liberia kids.

Madam Olounfe Pratt says in spite of the lack of education caused by the prolonged civil conflict in Liberia, parents have done well in educating their children.

She said: “Some parents today are people without formal education who never knew   offering the type of education given their children today, would mean a lot considering the global challenges parents face today”.

The Deputy Minister then challenged parents that birth giving alone makes no good parent without the education component attached for that child. She spoke Sunday, May 14, 2016 in Paynesville, as guest speaker during the  fourth graduation and Annual Day of Aware International School.

Minister Pratt, lauded Aware International for the competitive education combined with technology and critical thinking it offers for Liberian and other children of different backgrounds.

The Principle of Aware International School, Beena Gopinathan, in her opening remarks, said “The school has come from a difficult beginning to provide quality and international education to our Liberian kids and other children of diverse backgrounds in four years of operation”.

Madam Gopinathan who is an education specialist herself said the school’s objectives amongst other things is to enrich the lives of youth with  educational standards by putting  the school on the international arena.

“At Awareness International School, we committed to give our children (education), as the tools to make the smart and right choices and grow happily as we strived to play leading role not only in their personal development in confidence and self esteem through cultural interchanges  through contest and language learning”.

The school’s authorities have therefore, promised to provide a health and conducive and convenient environment that would enable the students get quality education.

Meanwhile Aware International School has begun preparation to for initiate a boarding facilities the upcoming 2016/2017 academic year for it multi-cultural students body.


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