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Muhammadu Buhari returns after treatment in Britain

Nigerian President , Muhammadu Buhar
Nigerian President , Muhammadu Buhar

Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari, has returned to Abuja after almost two weeks in Britain where he was treated for an ear infection.

"I am okay. You can see me inspecting the guards of honor," the president told the throng of reporters waiting at the airport. "I'm strong. If you want to wrestle with me, let's wrestle," Buhari said in the local Hausa language.

The 73-year-old flew to London  June 6, 2016 to see an ear, nose and throat specialist after two doctors in Nigeria recommended further evaluation "as a precaution," his staff said.

Buhari initially was scheduled to return to Nigeria on Thursday.

His delayed return prompted concerns about his health problems, which come at a sensitive time for the country as it grapples with the security threat from Boko Haram Islamists and economic difficulties.


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