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Leaders are servants not masters Former Information Minister Bowier

Patrick Flomo/Joseph T. Koon
Former Information Minister, Emmanuel Bowier
Former Information Minister, Emmanuel Bowier

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- Former Information Minister, Emmanuel Bowier, has challenged the Leadership of the University of Liberia Staff Association (ULSA) to work in the interest of its members.

Mr. Bowier said: “The ULSA Leadership should use trust as the hallmark in building and developing the Association.”

He described rust as critical in the day-to day running of the association, especially as it relates to the functions and operations of the University in molding the country’s human resources.

The former Information Minister made the statement Thursday, June 23, 2016 when he served as Keynote Speaker at the induction of officers of the University of Liberia Staff Association on the Main of the University in Monrovia.

He emphasized: “If the people have no trust in their leaders, it will be difficult to support any initiative by the leadership to move the association or country forward.”

Mr. Bowier also noted: " Leaders as servants and not masters of the people, noting that leaders should not abuse the power given them by the people, as there is a future after leadership. "

In his post induction statement, ULSA President, Gabriel Vanjah, promised to work along with the University Administration to move the association forward.

Mr. Vanjah said his leadership will use dialogue to address the concerns of the association and liaise with the University Administration to provide the necessary equipment for staff.

Those inducted were Gabriel Vanjah, President, Morris Gee, Vice President, Yamenah Jalloh, Secretary General, and Stephen Togba, Assistant Secretary, among others.


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